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Snow Removal

Maple Ave sidewalk

Elm Ave sidewalk

This is one side of Maple Ave. and the other hasn’t been touched in the last 3 storms. The other picture would turning the corner.

The streets from what I can see were done very well.

How does your area look?


12 Responses

  1. what is the point on the other side not being touched since it is in haddonfield

    • The other side of Maple Ave is NOT Haddonfield and has not been touched. Many people walk this to get to work from the other side of the bridge(which would be Haddonfield) to the speedline

  2. is that property privately owned on maple ave that was shoveled or is it under the county? does anyone know who did the shoveling?

  3. And the sidewalks still have not been cleared!!! I’m sure fines would go out to homeowners if they didn’t touch their sidewalks.

  4. these are a lot of empty business sites in haddon township . see where the butcher bloc is closed and the building available. are they still going to build more business sites at the dydee site in town?

  5. page A11 of the phila inquirer of friday 2/4 has interesting chart information on population change in south jersey municipalities. interesting to see haddon township compared to other areas

  6. The streets seemed great around town…but the sidewalks were another story! Does the town fine residents for not shoveling?

  7. Unfortunately, Haddon Township has a history of inconsistent ordinance enforcement.

    Hopefully the major snow for the winter is finished. Sidewalks that are not cleared in a timely fashion are a public safety issue.

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