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Just a touch of info from Wikipedia

Haddon Township is a Township in Camden County, New Jersey, United States. As of the United States 2010 Census, the township population was 14,707.
By an Act of the New Jersey Legislature on February 23, 1866, Haddon Township was incorporated from portions of Newton Township. The following communities were subsequently created from the Haddon Township: Haddonfield (April 6, 1875), Collingswood (May 22, 1888), Woodlynne (March 19, 1901), Haddon Heights (March 2, 1904), Audubon (March 13, 1905) and Oaklyn (also March 13, 1905)

In 1701, Elizabeth Haddon Estaugh, the daughter of John Haddon, arrived in the American colonies to oversee his large landholdings, which included areas that are now Bluebird, Haddon Township, and Haddonfield. Contemporary Newton Township included land that later became part of Oaklyn, Audubon, Audubon Park, Collingswood, Gloucester City, Woodlynne, Camden, Haddon Heights and Haddonfield. Its first European settlers were Irish who settled in the area of Newton Creek in 1681

In the late 1830s, a runaway slave, who had taken the surname Saddler to avoid detection by his former master, came to New Jersey from a Maryland plantation with his wife and two daughters. Saddler worked for Cy Evans, a local Quaker farmer, from whom he bought fifty acres to farm.[7] The area where Saddler settled became a predominantly black community known as Saddlertown, a stop on the Underground Railroad. Today, the community includes members of other racial groups

Notable current and former residents of Haddon Township include:
Mitch Albom (born 1958), writer.[30]
Laurie Beechman (1953–98), Broadway actress.[31]
Tony Black (born 1951), a record-holding jockey in North American Thoroughbred horse racing.[32]
George E. Brunner (1896-1975), mayor of Camden, New Jersey from 1936 to 1959.[33]
Larry Kane (born 1942), only American reporter whom The Beatles let travel with them on their 1964 North American tour.[34][35][36]
Samuel Vaughn Merrick (1801–70), first President of the Pennsylvania Railroad and co-founder of the Franklin Institute.[37]
Cozy Morley (born 1926), entertainer, singer.[38]
Sal Paolantonio (born 1956), ESPN reporter and writer.[39]
Hannah Whitall Smith (1832–1911), author in the Holiness movement and suffragette [37]
Steven Spielberg (born 1946), motion picture director and producer.[40]
John M. Whitall (1800–77), glass manufacturer and philanthropist.[37]
Julianna White (born 1988), Miss New Jersey USA 2011.[41


3 Responses

  1. Incorporated February 23, 1865
    2015 will be 150 years

  2. Finally……something of interest about our town…..and to think Wikipedia knew.


  3. looked this up from the article in the RETROSPECT


    a teacher that the students really loved – so nice to see

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