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Haddon Township’s moment in the sun

From The Inquirer

In Colonial Conference tennis, there are Haddonfield and Everybody Else.

The Bulldogs don’t cast a long shadow. They block out the sun

That’s what was so great about this week for the girls from Haddon Township. The Hawks moved into the light and made the most of their moment.

“This feels like Wimbledon to us,” senior No. 1 singles Lexi Turcich said of Haddon Township’s appearance in the state championships at Mercer County Park. “You look around and you see all these big, tough teams, and we’re just this little team from this little town.”

Haddonfield is one of those big, tough teams. The Bulldogs won their third consecutive Group 2 state title on Wednesday, and their 17th overall. They are the defending champion and No. 1 seed in the Tournament of Champions.

Haddon Township achieved a little less, but it sure felt like something special to the Hawks. The Hawks beat Leonia, 3-2, in the Group 1 state semifinals, before falling to Point Pleasant Boro, 4-1, in the title match.

“When you think back to the first day of practice, for us to be playing for the state title, it’s hard to believe,” Haddon Township coach Lorie Foster said.

Wednesday’s long and exciting day was the capstone of an unforgettable week. On Monday, Haddon Township won its first South Jersey title since 1997 with a 3-2 win over Pennsville.

That victory was clinched when Turcich won a three-set, three-hour battle with Pennsville’s Brynn Buechler.

“That was the most thrilling match I ever played in my life,” Turcich said. “There was so much pressure. Win, and we win South Jersey. Lose, and we lose South Jersey.

“I can look back now and say it was fun. But it wasn’t fun when I was playing.”

When Turcich finally won by a 4-6, 6-3, 7-6 score, the Hawks erupted in celebration.

“It was like a whole crying-fest,” Haddon Township senior Annie Patella said. “It was perfect.”

The Hawks, whose starting seven included singles players Turcich, Devon Sanford and Scout Bauer, and doubles players Patella, Jess Donaldson, Kathleen Duffy and Alexia Lindsay, got to experience thing that are old-hat for Haddonfield: the bus ride, the lunch break, the swirl of color and competition at the tennis complex.

Best of all, Haddon Township’s players got to share the excitement with Haddonfield’s players, as the Colonial Conference rivals were loud and proud in their support of each other.

No program has been more in Haddonfield’s shadow than Haddon Township, as the teams usually are Colonial Conference as well as Group 2 competitors. But with the Hawks moving down to Group 1 this season, they got the chance to win a sectional title, and also to regard the Bulldogs as something other than a roadblock.

“When we showed up today, it was like we were sister teams in the tournament,” Turcich said. “We know we can’t beat them, but we’re proud to stand next to them. We’re proud to call them sisters.”

Read more: http://www.philly.com/philly/sports/high_school/new_jersey/20101020_Haddon_Townships_moment_in_the_sun.html#ixzz12zFybRZ7
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Haddon Twp. chief top N.J. superintendent

From the Courier Post

The township’s top school administrator has been named New Jersey’sSuperintendent of the Year

Mark J. Raivetz now will compete for a national title sponsored by the American Association of School Administrators.

Raivetz has led the Haddon Township district since 1999. He previously was deputy superintendent in Cherry Hill and an administrator in the Trenton and Philadelphia school systems. The former fifth-grade teacher holds a Doctorate of Education from the University of Pennsylvania.

He was selected by a committee of past presidents of the New Jersey Association of School Administrators.


S. A. T. Prep Class Scam?

Last night I received a very strange phone call…it went like this:

Them: May I speak with Jason’s parents?

Me: This is his mother

Them: I am calling because Jason signed up for the S.A.T. Prep Class at Career Day in school.

Me: When was that?

Them: At Career Day

Me: When

Them: Umm I’m just following up

Me: What school

Click they hung up. I tried today to call that number (which is an 888) and it is temporarily unavailable.

Camden County Technical never had a Career Day

I wish I had gotten more info but I’m concerned this is a scam trying for SS# info or maybe trying to get Credit Card info to “pay for the class”.

Please be careful when giving out any info over the phone!!!!

1st Annual HTAA 5 on 5 Adult Basketball Tournament

In an effort to raise money for the Haddon Township Athletic Association (HTAA) Basketball Program, we are planning a 5 on 5 short court Adult Basketball Tournament on Saturday, November 20th from 1:00pm – 4:00pm in the Upper & Lower Gyms at Haddon Township High School.


The cost is $25 per person and includes a tournament tee shirt. Each team will consist of 7 players chosen via a “blind draw” on Friday night, November 19th. The games will consist of two 10 minute running halves with a 5 minute halftime. There will be a clock and official score keeper for each game as well as referees for the later rounds of the tournament.


The rules are simple – Score more points than the other team and your team keeps playing; Score fewer points and you watch. The intent of this inaugural tournament is threefold: Raise money for the HTAA Hawks Basketball program to help defray the costs of the program; involve those in the community who would like to stay in touch with the program as we build for the future; Have fun playing the lifelong sport we learned as kids.

Contact Walt Eife for release form since I could not attach to blog.

To enroll, please complete the attached HTAA release form, make your $25.00 check payable to HTAA Basketball and mail to Walt Eife, President HTAA Basketball, 255 New Jersey Ave, Westmont, NJ 08108. Please make sure to include your e-mail address! There will be reminders sent out and more information about the time and location of the blind draw Friday night.


If you are interested in becoming a $100 “court” sponsor(s) or the $500 Tee Short Sponsor, please call Walt Eife at (856) 858-6038 (w) or (856) 505-8010 (w).


Diocese’s merger reversal spares St. Vincent Pallotti

From the Courier Post

The Diocese of Camden has reversed its decision to make St. Aloysius Church in Oaklyn the seat for the parish’s merger with St. Vincent Pallotti in Haddon Township. The move instead to make the Haddon Township location the seat of the merger closes an appeals process that reached the Vatican.

The decision is great news for 54-year-old Tricia Newman, who uses a wheelchair, because she will be able to continue to be an altar server, assisting the priest at Mass, and a lector, reading from the Bible at liturgical services.

“It’s so rewarding for me because there’s something I can do,” Newman said from her Haddon Township home Monday. “A lot of the time you’re not able to do much. But here, I can because it’s wheelchair-accessible, which makes me feel like a human being like everybody else.

“I’m not just happy for myself but for everybody. For the elderly and disabled, it’s easier to attend Mass. There are no steps,” she added.

When Camden Bishop Joseph Galante announced his intention to merge the two parishes as part of a diocesan reconfiguration plan in 2008, he chose the Oaklyn location as the seat for the merger. St. Vincent Pallotti was targeted for closing.

Parishioners of St. Vincent Pallotti, which recently underwent capital improvements worth about $1 million, filed an appeal with the Congregation of the Clergy. The Vatican body rebuffed the appeal.

A team composed of representatives from St. Vincent Pallotti and St. Aloysius recommended the Haddon Township location as the seat, noting it had easy access for disabled and elderly people.

In an announcement last week in the diocesan newspaper, the Catholic Star Herald, Galante said his intention at the time he devised the reconfiguration plan was to keep a parish on or near the White Horse Pike in that area. However, that no longer is an issue now that a West Collingswood parish on the White Horse Pike in that area has been chosen to be the seat of a merger with a Woodlynne parish, the announcement read.

Margie Esposito, 56, of Haddon Township, who cares for two adult children — Mark, 28, who is blind, and Stacy, 24, who has cerebral palsy — applauded the reversal because of St. Vincent Pallotti’s accessibility.

“You just walk in,” Esposito said. “Parking is very accessible no matter where you park. It just makes it so much easier and convenient. We really feel blessed.”

On Monday, parishioners at St. Vincent Pallotti expressed a desire to move forward with the transition.

“It came to a logical conclusion and it was amicable between us and the diocese. It was never about us versus them. It was always about what provides the best solution for both parishes,” said Ed Pierzynski, vice president of the Friends of St. Vincent Pallotti.

The Diocese of Camden could not be reached for comment, as its administrative offices were closed Monday for Columbus Day.


Haddon Twp. bakery loses part of storefront in storm

From the Courier Post

HADDON TOWNSHIP — The distinctive art deco facade of McMillan’s Bakery is facing destruction after an early-morning storm today caused parts of the overhang to collapse.

Fire crews responded to the bakery at around 6:15 a.m., after the front of the building and part of the roof came down, according to bakery manager Kristine Emmons.

“Luckily, it didn’t break out windows,” she said.

Business is progressing as close to normal as possible, with customers trooping in the side door off the parking lot to collect their cakes and cream doughnuts.

A hand-written sign in the window tells patrons “We’re still open, come to the side door!”

An inspector told Emmons the bakery may have to lose the neon sign that sits atop the overhang, but she said McMillan’s will fight keep it.

Two workers Thursday used tools to pry stucco off the side of the overhang, revealing soaked, dark brown wood underneath.

“We’re overwhelmed,” said Emmons, the third generation in the family-run bakery. “It’s a pain, we can’t even let people through the front door.”

Jeff McCormick of Somerdale said he just moved to the area but is already calling McMillan’s the best bakery around. He didn’t let the construction get in the way of his morning doughnut.

“I thought they were just remodeling,” McCormick said.

Emmons said customers at McMillan’s were expected to continue with the side door through Thursday, with the front door opening Friday.


A case of West Nile Virus has been confirmed in the Haddonleigh section of Haddon Township.  We are asking all residents to dispose of standing water in and around their homes.  West Nile Virus spikes in the late summer months through the first frost.  For more information, please click on the document below If it doesn’t come up as a link then copy & paste