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Welcome to the new home of the Haddon Twp blog. I hope you will find this as easy to use and visit often.

You can still post as anon even though it has a place to insert your name.

If you would like to suggest a topic for the blog please feel free to email me anytime.


3 Responses

  1. Will you transfer the contents of the Blogger Blog to the new site?

  2. I hope to be able to transfer everything over. This website does have an option to do that.

  3. Many of us living in W. Collingswood Hts. would like to know why we don’t get the same service as the other side of town? During the fall we are lucky to see the leaf truck maybe 3 times and then for those of us that live on dead end streets, they don’t even come down them. Now it is the street cleaner, the truck made a appearance in the Heights, did half the town(you could see where he drove) but once again didn’t do our dead end street. Just maybe well get better police patrol if we are foutnate enough to have H.T police take over Audubon Park. Just curious, are our taxes any cheaper then the other side of town!!!!!!!

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